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Safe Holidays this festive season

Safe Holidays this festive season

Safe holidays this festive season are important and always will be. We can’t ignore the road accident figures published by the minister of transport Dr Blade Nzimande 2 days ago. 767 died in road accidents since the beginning of this festive season, 16% more than last year.

This demands a collective personal responsibility. We must try by all means possible to obey road rules and to fully understand that every life matter. We must all acknowledge that Life can not be bought. Therefore, we ought to be careful how we live it.

Here are some tips to enjoy safe holidays this festive season. Particularly to road users and all who rent out their cars. In no particular order.

Make sure your car is road worthy

Old VW Beetle
Image credit: Max Andrey

Do not drive a vehicle that is not road worthy. If your car is not road worthy you will be putting the lives of many at risk. You can do your road worthy test at any time through the authorized test centers in your area.

Drive below speed limit

Speed limit in a dusty road
Image credit: Jan Kroon

Certain things should not be said over and over again. But i have realized that to keep quite assuming that every driver knows that is even worse. I do not have any additional skill or method to emphasize that Speed Kills. Speed really kills, do not let your good looking car fool you. Its either you will die or you will kill innocent people.

Do not Drink and Drive

Drinking & Driving

This statement is as old as long ago but its ignored as if it does not exist yet its as important as life itself. The minister said the number one cause for road accidents is negligence and drinking and driving. When you are drunk or when you feel like drinking it is better to hire a driver or a car

At Renticious you can Rent or Hire anything from people and businesses near you anywhere in South Africa. Just hire somebody to drive you so that you will not loose your life or cause pain to other people.

Safe Holidays conclusion

I hope you will be responsible enough this festive. So that we both enjoy safe holidays this festive season and we both live longer. I would like you to tell us how you are going to contribute to having safe holidays this festive season. Share with us. We all need each other and every idea matters. So share it with everybody here.


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  1. This is short but powerful

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