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How to make my ads stand out on Renticious.

How to make my ads stand out on Renticious.

How to make my Ads stand out on Renticious? You might be wondering.Advertising is a great way to get your products and services in front of your target market. In such a noisy world we are living in, you won’t want to miss a chance to do just that. But you need to know how to do it best. At Renticious we believe in sharing and helping each other. We want your adverts to sell and we want you to find what you are looking for easily. What most people don’t realize is by simply posting your Ad on Renticious you are presenting your Ad to the thousands of visitors who visit this site everyday and that’s amazing.

To answer the question, How to make my ads stand out on Renticious? We will  answer with gladness because we want your Ads to profit you. So here are some tips to make your ads sell. Whether you are a renter or owner, you have something or you are looking for something, an individual or a company these tips apply to all. So hold tight and make use of them. There is nothing boring like posting an Ad and nothing happens. We know how it feels, so let’s get some tips……………………. Ready?

Tip #1

Capture great pictures.

How to make my ads stand out

Have you ever fell in love with a girl or guy because of a wonderful picture they posted on social media? Well, it happens to a lot of people. Here is another one, have you ever saw how celebrities look in a photo and when you meet them in person you kinda think they are not the same person? They probably look ugly in reality than they do in a photo. Oops! Just kidding. But it happens hey.

People are naturally inclined to beautiful things. Do not post blur images and think they will attract your target audience. I am not saying buy the most expensive camera but i am saying get the best images that you can if you want your ad to sell and stand out. This also applies to your profile picture. We strongly advise you to upload a profile picture on your profile, so that people know they are dealing with a natural person.

Tip #2

Give detailed description

I did not say write a book, Lol. Description is where you want to kill it, so be precise and brief. If you do not give enough detail, the people interested in your Ad will simply go and search for another Ad. It’s boring to get a notification and then you only see that its a prospect customer asking for details that you left out. Think of a description like this: 2 bedrooms to rent with toilet inside……….. Nobody has time for such an ad, they will just go or spam your email with questions. Give detail. Tell if pets are allowed, how close is the house to the shops, etc.

Tip #3

Choose A great Title.

Do you really want to know, How to make my Ads stand out on Renticious? The first thing that your audience look at is the title of your Ad and that will compel them to view the details of your Ad. Choose a title that is catchy, short and simple. Use your creativity to choose a title.

Tip #4

Select appropriate Category

Don’t let your ad be found in the Vehicles category if you are renting out toilets. Choose a category that is suitable for your Ad, and also choose the correct sub category to remain relevant.


Respond quickly to your emails and calls.

When you post an Ad do not leave your phone and go out for a braai. Braai is good but the people seeing your ad do not know what you are doing so they can just give you a call anytime. Some people will just send a message, try to respond as quick as possible.

Tip #6

Buy a package

Renticious Packages
Screenshot for Renticious Packages

I do not know how to express this better than it really is. If you have the question how to make my ads stand out on Renticious? Buying a package is a great way to make your ads stand out. When you buy a package you get featured ads and Bump up Ads.

Featured Ads get more attention because they appear on hot spots and visitors open featured Ads more than simple Ads. Bump up Ads are great because whenever you bump up your ad it goes on top of the list and the date gets updated as if it has been posted now. When visitors are searching for an ad they mostly look for date posted, if the date looks way back they think that the item is no longer available or it has been booked out. People like fresh ads, so when you bump up your ad you get it renewed and fresh without re-posting it. Click here and get 40% discount on every package to make your Ads profit you.  The offer is only for October.


I am sure the question, How to make my Ads stand out on Renticious has been answered. The good thing about the whole lesson is, if you find out where you were missing it. You can edit all your ads. To edit your ads, you just log into your account and click the Ad you want to edit then click edit and then edit your Ad appropriately. Alterenatively, if you need to post your ad from scratch click here.

We love hearing from you. if you find this article helpful, share with others and let us know in the comments below. We also need to hear how your Ads are performing so, share with us your tips. Remember to get 40% discount on all packages. Click here



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