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How  to make money in 2019

How to make money in 2019

In this post I am going to talk about how to make money in 2019. There is bitcoin, crypto currencies, network marketing, e commerce, freelance and everything that is out there.

It is true, you can make money using these methods. But there is one method that only smart people will never tell you. The method is smart enough to make you money while you sleep.

This method is renting. Yes, that’s right, renting. Here, I will not try to convince you but I will try to make you see the secret and the logic behind.

The story of Patson

Think of Patson, he sees a nice suit on special from Markhams selling for R720. But Patson is not a suit guy, he likes his T-shirts. Again the entrepreneur in him thought of making money.

Man wearing a suit

He buys that suit and Listed it on for renting. Because things move fast on Renticious, within 2 days his suit is rented for a wedding for R450 a day. Oh, During the week, some body saw the suit and hired it for the same price.

So within a week Patson pocketed R900, that’s a profit of R150 in a week. But there is more. Patson’s suit is now hired every week and Patson pockets R900 every week. If he does that for 52 weeks he will make R46,800. That’s R46800 in a year, right.

He takes his suit to a local dry clean once every month and he pays R150 for dry clean. Lets do the Maths again and see how much he is left with.

Maths sheet

It costs Patson R1800 a year to dry clean his suit. Minus the R720 that he bought the suit. Patson is left with a whooping R44280 for that year. If you were Patson what can you do with that money?

Patson doesn’t need to setup a store, because he find all his customers on Renticious. Patson now has a lot of friends, everyone has memories because of the suit of Patson.

If renting one suit is this profitable surely Patson can buy more and rent more. Before you know it he already have a business.

It always break my heart when I see people asking, I have Ten thousand Rand, what business can I start, and some of the comments will be like, that is nothing, you need to work for 3 moree years and then think of starting a business.

“The problem is, we were told that you need a lot of capital to start a business”.

That is a lie. Patson just showed us that it is possible to start from scratch with close to nothing.

The story of Patson is inspiring and we know a lot of people who are earning a great living from renting out their things online to people in their area. Companies have been built just like what Patson did.


Everyone with something can be paid for it. There are people who can not afford to buy certain things or some do not want to buy. They prefer renting and they are actually looking for what you have.

Sites like affords you the opportunity to rent things out. You can rent out anything on renticious. if you want to know how to post an ad from scratch click here.

Lets talk, share with me what you are willing to rent out or what you would love to rent?


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