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  • What is Renticious?

    Renticious is a renting classifieds website. It is a place where owners meet renters for successful renting. Renticious does not own any listed item and has no control over listed items thereof.

  • Are businesses allowed to list ads?

    Yes! Both businesses and individuals are allowed to list their ads.

  • Am i allowed to sell my items on Renticious?

    No! Renticious is only for renting not for selling.

  • Who is responsible if my item is lost, damaged or stolen?

    You are responsible for everything about your item and ad. Renticious does not own anything but only provides a platform to connect renters and owners.

  • What is an Ad?

    Ad is short for Advert.

  • How much do i pay to post an Ad?

    Its free to post an ad. However,If you want your advert to get more attention as a featured ad or to bump it up to the top, then you have to buy a package that gives you access to that. See our packages page.

  • Can i trust the person renting my item?

    Bad people are everywhere. But good people are everywhere as well, It is up to you to decide whether to trust the other person or not. It is your item so you have every right to decline or to accept the offer from the other person. If you feel insecure don't give in.

  • What security measures do you advice?

    It's your responsibility to put all security measures in place, but we only advice that: 1. Meet in a safe place to discuss the deal. 2. If you are an owner make sure you get the copy of ID, proof address and a written agreement from the renter. 3. Do not accept ridiculous offers. 4. Always try to keep your messages and chats on the website. 5. Rent out to local people. 6. If you don't trust the other person then decline the deal.